¡Hola hola! Cada vez queda menos para halloween , y como el año pasado, repito semana de inspiración de esta temática, empezando h...

¡Hola hola!

Cada vez queda menos para halloween, y como el año pasado, repito semana de inspiración de esta temática, empezando hoy. A lo largo de la semana que viene hablaré de decoración y maquillaje y algunas ideas de disfraz ;) 
Podéis consultar los post del año pasado aquí 
Hoy os traigo un montón de inspiración para nail art de halloween


There are no limits when considering Halloween nails. This occasion requires you to use your imagination, and we have many ideas how you can do it.

Horror nails

Halloween nail designs are the perfect way to express yourself when the time comes. Besides, all you need is to get a nice idea and we have many!

Pick your favorite nail art design and impress your friends this coming Halloween!

If you’re looking for a way to publicly declare your love for Halloween, you might want to consider cool Halloween nail art, like a witch-inspired manicure. Nail art is a really fun way to show off your personality or the stuff you love – everyone can see it, but it’s still a little more subtle. Plus, these witch nails are amazing. They’re creepy, they’re beautiful, they’re dark, and they will make you look like a total badass.

Jason Voorhees and blood splatter nails! I love the blood splatter on it's own for halloween but Jason adds a little something extra. Tutorials will be up later today :) Polishes used: OPI 'Alpine Snow', 'My Boyfriend Scales Walls', 'Cinnamon Sweet' & a black gel pen.

Spiky nails give a dark, witch-looking effect
Ultra fine holographic powder that will make your nails shine like rainbow unicorn! This mica powder has the highest quality on the market. It comes in one color only but you can achieve different loo

jack tim burton nails ~ Not too sure about the pinky, but love it otherwise

First Halloween mani for October.. I wasn't going to start this early and only do a couple of them in total since Halloween is an American holiday and we don't really celebrate it here in Aus but then @ulta3 tempted me with their #ulta3halloween comp and I had to enter! I have all my Halloween ideas sketched out on my nail art templates (will upload a sneak peek in the next couple of days probably!!) but had to do these cute monsters first up. Loving that vampire. I did film individual tutor...

Halloween Nails



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